After allegedly shooting and killing an unarmed suspect in stealing, police in Virginia have dismissed the officer and launched a criminal inquiry.

Timothy Johnson, 37, was slain, and police believed he had stolen goods from a Tysons Corner retail area, Chief Kevin Davis informed reporters on February 22.

Police Officer First Class James Sadler and Sergeant Wesley Shifflett, both department veterans with seven and eight years respectively, "discharged their guns,"

Davis acknowledged Shifflett fired the fatal shot, and police reported that the two cops had fired a total of three rounds.

The officer's actions, in particular, the use of force regulations, protocols, and procedures, according to Davis, "do not match the expectations of our police department."

Shifflett was let go. Via his attorney, Caleb Kershner, Shifflett maintains his innocence and claims that he acted in self-defense against the suspect because he disobeyed all police orders and believed he was in danger of suffering significant physical injury.

According to Davis, Sadler is still on modified restricted duty. If Sadler has a lawyer, it's not known.

According to a police press release from last month, store security noticed a guy trying to hide a pair of costly sunglasses.

The guy was seen by an officer leaving the business and heading towards a parking garage. An anti-theft alarm went off as he left the shop, according to a police press release.

Police have released bodycam video that depicts the cops yelling verbal directions as they pursue the guy through the mall and a parking garage before entering a grassy, forested part of the mall grounds.