The first-grade spring concert's playlist has been changed because the 2017 Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton duet Rainbowland was deemed problematic by Wisconsin school district administrators.

First-grade teacher in Wisconsin took issue with the decision to exclude the popular Cyrus and Parton song Rainbowland from the school show.

Many songs with rainbow themes were taken out of Heyer Elementary dual language teacher Melissa Tempel's class's spring performance, she stated on Twitter.

She tweeted, "Waukesha County Board of Education is being called out." "My first-graders were ecstatic to perform "Rainbowland" at our spring performance, but our administration turned it down". 

What time will it end?

The Waukesha school system has reportedly tightened down on anything LGBTQ, according to a parent of a first-grader there

who also told the Los Angeles Times that "this song becoming a 'problem' has not in any way come as a surprise."

The father said, "What Miley and Dolly are saying is that they want to live in a society where individuals can be who they want to be and where there is acceptance and no judgement."

Cyrus and Parton have backed the LGBTQ+ community.